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New flyer to inform students and parents about SD scholarships

August 18, 2022

Scholarships can make a big difference in student’s life.

It could mean being able to pursue an education to achieve a dream career or it could mean completing an education without the burden of student loan debt.

Because scholarships are so important, Mapping Your Future created a new South Dakota Scholarships flyer. The flyer can be viewed online or downloaded for copying and distributing to students and families.

The flyer lists all the South Dakota scholarship programs with links to online websites or resources where students and parents can get more information or application forms.

Among the scholarships listed on the flyer is the new Freedom Scholarship, which is part of a state-wide initiative to encourage students of all economic backgrounds to live and work in South Dakota after graduation. A completed FAFSA is part of the application process for this scholarship.

In addition, the flyer lists the South Dakota Board of Regents scholarships and reminds students and parents to research institutional scholarships offered by schools, colleges, and universities.