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Higher education marketing campaign launched in South Dakota

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July 25, 2022

Anyone pursuing an education beyond high school will likely see the return on their investment in a number of ways – a higher income, lower risk of unemployment, and increased community involvement.

But the value goes beyond the individual. Education is also an important investment in the state and that’s part of the message of new South Dakota higher education marketing campaign.

In a cooperative effort with the six public universities, the South Dakota Board of Regents launched a new marketing campaign highlighting the value and importance of higher education to the state of South Dakota.

“The purpose of this campaign is to show that industry leaders are grown right here in South Dakota, specifically at our public universities," said Regent Jim Thares. “It tells the real story about South Dakota's public universities—one of economic impact and workforce empowerment that pays off today and tomorrow."

The “Learning Drives Us Forward" campaign, developed by Lawrence and Schiller Marketing and Advertising of Sioux Falls, began in April with a budget of $160,000 this year. Each of the universities will share in the cost of the campaign with the Board's central office.

For more information, visit the Learning Drives us Forward website at