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The secrets of scholarship-winning students

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October 3, 2022

Applying for scholarships can seem like a lot of work when there’s no guarantee that you will receive any money for your education.

However, students who win scholarships know that the work is time well spent. In fact, those students have a secret strategy: they treat applying for scholarships as if it were a part-time job.

Those students know if they spend 10 hours applying for thousands of dollars in scholarships and still only win one $1,000 scholarship, that’s like earning $100 an hour.

It’s a great strategy, but just one of many techniques used by successful scholarship recipients.

Other strategies include:

  • Setting a goal for the amount of scholarship money needed and then applying for an amount higher than the goal – knowing that not every application will be successful.
  • Researching scholarship opportunities that align with their career goals. Professional organizations often offer scholarships to students seeking a career in the field they represent.
  • Staying organized in their scholarship search to keep track of applications, responses, award amounts, and thank you letters. Use the Mapping Your Future scholarship tracking sheet to stay organized.

Successful scholarship applicants also know that the rewards of scholarships go beyond the financial rewards. The act of applying for scholarships helps students clarify their thoughts about their future and the career they want to pursue. In addition, it helps the student prepare for admissions essays and any scholarship award is recognition that can be used on resumes or other applications.

Yes, applying for scholarships is hard work. But it’s the kind of hard work that can pay off – especially if it helps you achieve your college and career dreams.