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ACT is exploring a digital national test

Pencil and completed bubble test answer sheet.

November 1, 2022

ACT® is considering offering a digital version of its college admissions test taken on weekends. However, anyone wanting to still put pencil to paper when it comes to testing will be able to do so.

In an interview with SupertutorTV, Janet Godwin, CEO of ACT, said ACT will not go 100 percent digital for its national test.

“We are definitely exploring going to a digital delivery option, but it will an option,” said Godwin. “We plan to continue to provide a paper option because choice matters. We know that accessibility, equity, can be an issue for different populations, different parts of the country.”

Godwin said ACT has been offering digital delivery in its international market since 2017 and been doing digital delivery in the state and district (school day) testing. She said 40 percent of the state and district testing is already online.

Godwin said that while ACT has a lot of experience in digital delivery, a paper option is going to be important for those taking the test and they are committed to providing that option.