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The tactic used by successful students to win more scholarships

February 4, 2021

Scholarships are sometimes called free money or gift aid. However, students who win scholarships, know there’s a lot of work that goes into applying for and receiving scholarships.

Those students who are successful at winning scholarships understand that hard work is necessary and treat the scholarship search like a job.

One way a scholarship search is like a job is looking at the return on the investment of time. For example, if a student spends 10 hours searching and applying for scholarships and earns just one $1,000 scholarship, that’s like earning $100 an hour – so applying for scholarships is time well spent.

Of course, those students don’t just think of the scholarship application process as a job and leave it at that. They go the extra mile to do well in that job, staying organized, watching deadlines, and proofreading their applications.

Mapping Your Future offers a scholarship tracking sheet to help students stay organized in their scholarship search.