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New college, career resource guide created for South Dakota students

November 5, 2020

To help students navigate the overwhelming world of resources, the South Dakota Statewide Family Engagement Center (SFEC) created The Ultimate College and Career Resource Guide.

According to an announcement from SFEC, the guide is a free online resource to provide students, families, schools, and communities. The guide includes information about exploring careers, researching colleges, and paying for college.

“We knew that there were already a lot of resources out there, but we wanted to gather the best resources together into a comprehensive guide,” SFEC Director, Morgan VonHaden. “We hope this will help students from all walks of life find guidance when making those (college and career) decisions.”

The Ultimate College and Career Resource Guide reinforces SFEC’s mission to strive to ensure that all learners—especially English Language Learners, economically disadvantaged learners, and minority students—have the supports they need to achieve academic, career, and life goals.

The Statewide Family Engagement Center focuses on "cradle-to-career" supports for students, parents, families, and community-based organizations. The Center was formed through a partnership between West River Foundation, educational cooperative BHSSC, SD Dept. of Education, and SD Parent Connection