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New requirement implemented in state’s dual credit program

Earning a failing grade in a dual credit course could be a costly mistake with new state requirements that go into effect this fall.

Under legislation passed earlier this year, students participating in the Dual Credit program are no longer eligible to participate in the High School Dual Credit Program if they have received a “W” or “F” grade in a High School Dual Credit course.

Students may appeal the eligibility exemption but must show good cause for the "W" or "F" grade. To continue in the Dual Credit program, a student who earns a “W” or an “F” and cannot show “good cause” may continue in the program, but must first successfully repeat the course(s) in which they earned a “W” or an “F” at the full dual credit tuition rate of $145 per credit hour (rather than the typical student rate of $48.33 per credit hour).

The dual credit program offers multiple benefits for students, including the ability to lower tuition and reduce time to degree completion.

More information about this new Dual Credit program requirement is in a Frequently Asked Questions document issued by the South Dakota Department of Education.