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Four ways for students to succeed during a crisis

Students who accomplish goals and succeed during the pandemic demonstrate an important leadership skill — to persevere despite the crisis.

Some students have had job opportunities or extracurricular activities become virtual or, in some cases, cancelled. No doubt, it can be challenging to get the most out of a virtual opportunity when you expected it to be in-person and a cancelled event can be a huge disappointment.

However, there are ways to manage these changes:

  • Pursue a new opportunity. If a job or an activity has been cancelled, students should use the free time to look for another opportunity. It may be a chance to explore interests that the student didn’t time to pursue earlier.
  • Begin something new. Many students have an entrepreneurial spirit. Create your own opportunity by developing something new that serves a need, aligns with your interests, and demonstrates your ability to succeed in times of crisis.
  • Volunteer for a nonprofit. During the pandemic, many nonprofits are finding resources stretched thin as more people need assistance. Find a way, you can volunteer and help others during the pandemic.
  • Consider virtual opportunities the same as in-person. Students should work to be as engaged in virtual jobs and activities as they are in in-person opportunities. It isn’t easy, but it demonstrates professionalism and ability to manage change successfully.

High school students have faced unique challenges during the pandemic. In the future, when we look back on 2020, there will always be an asterisk to this year – noting that everything this year occurred amid a crisis. All students are facing the same issues, but students who can manage despite the crisis will stand out.