COVID-19 Information and Resources

New guidance for South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship under COVID-19

Recognizing that high school students face challenges this year as they try to plan for their future education, the South Dakota Board of Regents recently issued some new guidance for the Opportunity Scholarship.

The temporary guidance addresses many of the requirements that could pose problems for students during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Opportunity Scholarship initial eligibility requirements for new applicants that are addressed in the temporary guidance include:

  • No letter grade below a “C” Requirement. For courses taken in the Spring 2020 and/or Summer 2020 term, students may use a passing grade for courses needed to establish eligibility for the scholarship program. The grading scale for the passing grade could be satisfactory/unsatisfactory, pass/fail, or other equivalent grading scale.
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. The passing grades in the alternative grading scales (satisfactory/unsatisfactory, pass/fail, etc.) will not calculate into high school students’ cumulative GPA and therefore will neither count towards or against cumulative GPA for the purpose of establishing eligibility in the scholarship program.
  • ACT Superscore. Establishing eligibility with the official ACT superscore will not be allowed for the Fall 2020 semester. ACT will not be implementing the superscoring options for students until the September 2020 exam, therefore it will not be allowed for the fall semester (even though the state legislative change allowing either an ACT composite or superscore goes into effect on July 1.)
  • High School Counselor/Personnel Signature on Application. A new form to establish initial eligibility is now available that does not require the signature of an authorized high school representative. Those students who have already completed the older version of the application may submit the application to the institution they plan to attend without the signature of an authorized high school representative.

In addition the guidance for new applicants, the Board of Regents for those students who are current recipients of the scholarship and wish to continuing receiving it. More information is available on the South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship website.