COVID-19 Information and Resources site released

April 3, 2020

Our world today is dramatically different that it was just a few weeks ago. But one of the things in this world that has stayed constant is our capacity to help each other in a crisis.

Just like me, you've probably been the recipient of this kindness or seen the posts from others where people are helping neighbors, friends, and strangers. My neighbor offered to pick up some groceries for me when he went to the store, a friend posted that someone paid for her elderly mother's groceries at the store, others have offered face masks and hand sanitizers to those medical professionals, store clerks, delivery drivers, and others on the front line of this crisis.

Not unexpected, the financial aid community has also been helping one another and sharing resources - whether it be hosting webinars for everyone to view for free or emailing links of resources for postsecondary institutions and students.

At Mapping Your Future, we partnered with another national nonprofit, The Institute for Student Loan Advisors (TISLA) that provides free assistance to student loan borrowers, to create In addition, Decision Partners, a Boston-based technology firm specializing in financial literacy, donated their technical expertise to create the site in just a few days. See the March 27 press release for more information about the collaborative effort.

The website is a free resource for both current college students and borrowers as they try to manage their financial aid and student loans during this crisis and beyond. There is no cost to any institution to share or link to the website

Our hope is that by contributing this resource along with the other resources available, students and borrowers will find the help they need during this time of crisis.