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Why grades are important in college

It is rare that anyone wants to know my grades in college. So rare, in fact, that I have a hard time remembering my exact grade point average (GPA).

However, while the grades I earned in college have not been important to me for a number of years, the grades were important to me while I was in school and shortly thereafter.

There are a number of reasons grades are important while you are in school, including:

  • If you are receiving federal financial aid, you must make “satisfactory academic progress,” also known as SAP, toward the completion of your degree and that means scoring grades that will enable you to complete your courses. Some scholarships and grants may also have requirements that you maintain a specific GPA.
  • Failing a class means that you will have to take that course or another one to complete your degree program. You will spend more money on college because you will end up taking more courses to complete your degree.
  • Employers looking to hire soon-to-be or recent college graduates may ask about your grades in college. While the employer can’t call the college to ask about your grades, they can require that you provide a transcript before being hired.

Now that you know why your grades are important, it’s also important to realize that it’s tough to make an A in every class. Strive for the best and make sure you are on track to graduate, but don’t stress over a less than perfect grade. After all, you probably won’t remember that grade in a few years.