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Guide to Life after High School reinforces discussions

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Students can benefit from learning in a variety of formats. Guide to Life after High School provides a free, online format for learning about planning and paying for college, which can reinforce discussions that you have had with them in class, in person, or through other activities.

Guides for high school students
There are four different versions of the guide, one for each year of high school, available at The level of detail in the content varies, depending on the grade level. For example, the freshman guide focuses more on choosing a career and preparing for college (academic and financial), with only an overview of financial aid. The senior guide contains more details about financial aid programs and application procedures. All guides include age-appropriate financial literacy information.

The guides can easily be incorporated into classroom or club activities, as they are not limited to only being used in a traditional classroom setting. This program is also reaching populations that are typically underserved. For example, leaders of after-school programs and at-risk groups are using the Guide to Life after High School in their college preparation activities.

To complete an interactive guide, students must be at least 13 years of age. In addition, the school or educator must register to participate. Students under the age of 13 or whose school/educator doesn't participate are able to read printable versions of the guide.

High school teachers, guidance counselors, and other educators can register to participate in the program, ask their students to complete guides, and confirm completion, via a secure portal, that students have completed the assignment.

Register and learn more
To register, sign up for an Online Education account at After you complete the form, you will receive an e-mail from asking for information to finalize the account.

To learn more about the Guide to Life after High School, visit or call (800) 374-4072.