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Career Profile: Crematory Operators

Operate crematory equipment to reduce human or animal remains to bone fragments in accordance with state and local regulations. Duties may include preparing the body for cremation and performing general maintenance on crematory equipment. May use traditional flame-based cremation, calcination, or alkaline hydrolysis.

Salary and Outlook

According to the US Department of Labor, there are 80,500 people employed as crematory operators in the United States. The median annual salary is $28,400. Entry level employees earn approximately $19,750 per year and senior employees earn approximately $40,200 per year.

Estimates do not include other potential benefits such as health insurance, overtime pay, or retirement benefits that may be offered by employers.

Job Duties

Career List

Job Outlook

Total Current Jobs:
Annual Openings:
Increase in Openings by 2030:
Annual Salary Range:
$19,750 - $40,200
Education Requirements:
High school diploma